Sex and Life
The podcast that talks about the interconnectedness of sex and life.
Samantha Fraser; Author - Episode 13

Samantha Fraser activley works to promote the polyamorous lifestlye which includes the excellent book "Not Your Mother's Playground". She's a public speaker, consultant, life coach and proprieter of the Tiki Sea pop up Tiki Bar. You can find her at...

Matt G; Furries - Episode 12

Unfortunatley, our lure wasn't able to catch a live furry, but we were able to recruit friend of the show Matt who's had first hand experience with furry culture.We decided to let you search for images on your own accord.

Amanda day; comedian - Episode 11

With the growing comedy scene in Toronto, there's an equally large growth of diversity among the acts. One of the city's mainstays of eight years Amanda Day joins us to talk comedy.You can find her @cockdestroyer on Twitter and

George Giaouris; owner of NorthBound Leather - Episode 10

There are few places in the world quite like NorthBound Leather. Family owned and operated by the kind and devoted George Giaouris, the impeccably well made leather represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and quality. As you can see from the photos,...

Blair Ryder; Adult film Actress - Episode 9

Blair is one of those lucky individuals who can let her work speak for herself. For this episode, released on her birthday no less, we get a chance to get to know her a little bit.Find her on Twitter!

Gene Lee; comic expert - Episode 8

Eli and guest Gene Lee, the operator of ATOMIC AGE COMICS are both comic experts. They talk about the challenges comics face, some specific to the medium, others universal.

Heather Elizabeth; Consultant - Episode 7

 Eli and Heather talk about how each of us need to learn about how we act, respond and percieve ourselves as sexual creatures. She works to empower others with her advice.

Justin Laite; comic and personal trainer - Episode 6

Comic Justin Laite joins us in the studio to give us his unique perspective that drives his will to push himself forward in his performance as well as himself; physically and mentally.