Sex and Life
The podcast that talks about the interconnectedness of sex and life.

Ross Hunter; belter, actor, and loving husband - Episode 26

Sex and Life makes it's triumphant return from it's hiatus to interview singer (more accurately, belter), actor, and loving husband Ross Hunter.

Ross talks to Eli about his one of a kind wedding ceremony, the dark days of the AIDS epidemic and what growing up gay was like in a small town, smaller than yours probably.

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Derek Forgie; comedian, Straight Not Narrow - Episode 25

Derek is a sharp witted comedian with years of performing and producing under his belt. In an effort to give straight people a chance to voice their support for the social needs of society, he formed Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality.

Brian Finch; comedian, public speaker and storyteller - Episode 24:

In the past we've had chances to cover the trials of those affected by HIV/AIDS. And while we talk to Brian Finch about a number of topics; his time as a fluffer and travelling abroad we also get to hear his first hand account of how dealing with the...

One Year Introspective

Hello! This episode, Eli and Joseph take a break from talking to guests to instead talk to eachother about the show. It's an opportunity to gain a little insight in to why we do this, what we love about it and where we want to go in the future.

The return of Justin Laite - Episode 23

Justin Laite, previous guest and good friend of ours returns to catch us up on his journey this past year.

BBW roundtable part 2

Getting in to our second half of the discussion, we talk about personal image and shopping for + size lingerie (if such a thing is possible). We are interested in hearing what people have to say about this; so write to us at

Roundtable: BBW part 1

Eli brings on friends Tabitha and Shannon to discuss the term BBW, and gets yelled at by the internet as a result.

Kristina of Cuddle Co. - Episode 22

Cuddling is just one of the many things we forget about over time, and for no good reason. Luckily, the art of closeness and affection (IN A STRICTLY NON-SEXUAL ENVIRONMENT, HANDS OUT OF PANTS EVERYONE) can not only be accessible by all, but with a...

Jennifer Bergie; dealing with AIDS and HIV - Episode 21

From Joseph: Normally, when I'm working I'm only half listening to what's being said, I'm also monitering the devices, trying to think of questions to ask etc. Luckily I get to listen to the episodes as I edit them, and this one stands out to me as a...